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50 More Blogging Prompts

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First 50 Prompts

  1. Are you a minimalist in any area of your life? Why or why not.
  2. Who would you describe as your favorite man? Write about him.
  3. Tell a story about a time when you had to pretend to be something or someone you're not.
  4. How do you use the Internet? Is it just a tool, entertainment, the center of your life?
  5. What gives you anxiety? What relieves it?
  6. Finish the thought - "I like your blog if..."
  7. What things in your life are you looking forward to?
  8. Write about the place you consider your hometown and what feelings you have about it.
  9. What's your relationship with money? Are you ever satisfied? Is it stressful or not?
  10. What is your superpower?
  11. Do you live to work or work to live?
  12. What celebrity or role model has let you down?
  13. What do you do with the pictures you take?
  14. Write about your favorite teacher or professor.
  15. Write about the longest day of your life.
  16. Write about a friend you have or have had IRL or online.
  17. Do you have a golden era from your life up until now that you can describe?
  18. What is the best gift you have ever been given?
  19. Let's hear your two cents on artificial intelligence. Do you use it? Does it scare you? Is it just hype?
  20. Would you monetize your blog if you could?
  21. Do you live in a country that has been to war in your lifetime? Did it affect you? Do you ever think about it?
  22. What is something that took you multiple tries to get right?
  23. What are your feelings on the people who clean the bathrooms at your office, flip your burgers or pick up your trash? Do you know them or talk to them?
  24. Did you know your grandparents or are you a grandparent? Write about it.
  25. What has been your relationship with social media since it first popped up on society's radar?
  26. Do you have any questions you'd like an oracle to answer if you got the chance?
  27. What things in life bring you comfort?
  28. How do you feel about wealthy people? Are you jealous, ambivalent, suspicious?
  29. Is talking about mental health still stigmatized do you think? Why or why not?
  30. Have you been harassed online? How did you handle it? What is the best way to deal with it?
  31. Write about your history with blogging.
  32. What are the unwritten rules on dealing with people online?
  33. What memories of food bring you joy?
  34. Are you still listening to the music you listened to in high school? How do you discover new music if that is something you do.
  35. Write a character sketch of someone you've gotten to know online.
  36. Write about your history with TV, your favorite shows growing up until now or your avoidance of TV.
  37. Write a post one evening and describe the day you just had, no matter what you did.
  38. Do you consider making friends with people on the Internet to be one of the purposes of blogging? Do you want to meet and get to know people?
  39. How do you balance privacy with being online and using technology?
  40. What is the hardest thing for people to talk about online or IRL and how do you approach it?
  41. Write about your relationship with you Mom or a strong female person from your formative years.
  42. Make a list of 20 things that make you happy
  43. What job have you had that made you the most tired. Write about why.
  44. How do you recover from dealing with people who are not pleasant to deal with?
  45. Write about an animal or animals that have been in your life, if any.
  46. Share some online resources that you find helpful or entertaining.
  47. Make a list of things you'd like to either write about or read about on your blog or the blogs of others.
  48. Make a list of the 15 books that made the most impact on your life.
  49. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? What does that look like in your life?
  50. What souvenirs or mementos do you keep around your house or living space and why.


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