Living Out Loud

A Day in the Life

2014-10-26 japanese maple-102

I got up at 4:10am today, about twenty minutes earlier than normal. After making my first cup of coffee, I checked to see if the two blog posts I had scheduled were posted. They were, so I cross posted my app review to Reddit, as is my habit. I opened my daily note in Obsidian and recorded the weather, my appointments and my wake-up time. Then I put my shoes on and went for a walk in the dark in our neighborhood while Wonder Woman went for her run. When I got home a took a quick cat nap before getting cleaned up and dressed.

The first task I had at work was addressing an issue with the print jobs from one person's computer that were coming out too light while everyone else was having no problems. Her print settings were also the same as everyone else. Power cycling the device took care of the issue. Later I helped an outside vendor gain access to a computer in our human performance lab, which was cool because it got me out of our weekly staff meeting. I sat outside a few minutes before hitting the tail end of it to catch up on the Internet for a couple of minutes and to answer a text from my daughter who is celebrating her 19th wedding anniversary today in beautiful Ireland.

I had lunch with my wife who works at the same university I do. Afterwords I solved another printing issue for the folks who do our fund raising by replacing an ethernet cord. I unlocked a few accounts and reset some passwords and then had to deal with a jerk of a football coach who was pitching a fit because he did not want to install Microsoft Authenticator on his personal phone. He was really getting under my skin and one of my colleagues thankfully stepped in and set him straight while I went out and got some fresh air.

On the way home my wife and I talked about our day a bit and then shared how we are both looking forward to seeing some of our grandchildren next weekend. When we got there, I cooked a chicken curry with brown rice which we ate on the couch before watching Blue Lights, S1E4 on Britbox. Now I'm going through my end of the day checklist which consists of cleaning up various inboxes, updating the apps on my laptop, finishing my journal entries and getting blog posts ready to post in the morning. My app review from this morning has been visited over 600 times today according to Tinylytics, which makes me feel good. 

I'll probably read Mastodon, and my RSS feeds before heading off to bed around 9:00 to get up do it all over again.