Living Out Loud

Coffee Buying and Referral Linking


I am all about trying to lift the spirits of my fellow indy bloggers in any way I can. I am a prolific leaver of comments. I am forever clicking on the "send me an email" links. When Jarrod Blundy started the one a month club, I quickly picked out a half dozen different bloggers to support. I subscribe to people's newsletters. And, yes, I do occasionally click on that "buy me a coffee" link.

People do nice things for me too. I was surprised today to find out a had a trio of referrals on OMG.LOL. Every time I get an email from Setapp informing me that I've been awarded a free month because someone signed up through my link, I get excited and can't wait to tell my wife. I truly treasure the little dopamine hits from out of the blue emails and Mastodon follows.

Ever since Robb Knight wrote his piece on /slash pages, I've been debating making a /save page with my referral links. There's just no way I'd ever do the buy me a coffee link or dollar a month club appeal either. In no way do I think that those things are wrong or tacky. I fully support them. They are just not for me for reasons I really can't articulate. I can list my referrals, however. Recommending stuff is kind of my thing. I don't have any problem suggesting software (or hardware) to people. On the contrary, I really enjoy it and it makes me unreasonably happy when someone tells me that they are enjoying an app I turned them on to. You want a free productivity consultant? I'm your man.

To that end, here are the links I plan to put on my /save page. If you want to try any of these services, I'd be honored if you used one of these to sign up for any one of a service, all of which I stand 100% behind.

Monarch Money We used to be Mint users until Intuit killed it off. We switched over to Monarch and have been pretty happy. Wonder Woman is a CPA and she gives them a stamp of approval. You will get an extended 30-day trial, plus 50% off an annual subscription. Here's my personal referral link:

OMG.LOL is an IndyWeb powerhouse that gives you an enormous amount of services for $20 a year. You can start a blog, make a /now page or a Link in Bio page, upload pictures, get a proof of ownership certificate, have your own RSS feed, access a private Discord server or join the best Mastodon community in the Internet at That's not even all. Go take a look. My referral link is:

Nord VPN You need a VPN for privacy and security, especially if you use hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi. I was worried about speed before I started using Nord but it has never been a problem. If you use my link, you get a free month for buying a monthly plan or 3 months for a 1-year or 2-year plan purchase

Setapp is a Netflix for Mac apps. They have over 200 programs in their catalog and you can use as many of them as you want for $9.99 a month. These are high quality apps, like CleanShot X, Default Folder X, Mars Edit and Path Finder. Some of them I used for years before finding Setapp. When an is updated to the world, the Setapp version is also updated. I currently have 37 apps from Setapp installed on two different Macs. If you sign up with my referral, you get a free month instead of only seven days if you sign up without it: is the domain registrar I use. They have domains as cheap as $0.99 a year and their standard domains are $10 to register and $10 annually. To be honest, I don't know what either of us get if you use my referral link, but I'm going to list it anyway.