Living Out Loud

Junited - An Invitation

Robert Birming is organizing a June blogging activity for folks who enjoyed the April photo challenge and this month's WeblogPoMO2024 writing and posting exercise. He explains it thus:

My suggestion for June is to show some extra appreciation for this beautiful digital sphere of ours. Junited is a “love letter” from one blogger to another, and another, and another…
Simply put, share links to blogs and posts that you want the rest of the world to discover: a new post, an old favorite, or a blog you like.
Instead of writing a new post each time, the idea is to have a permanent Junited 2024 entry that you update with new links throughout the month. If you’re using social media, you might want to let others know when you do this. Example:
I’ve just updated my \#Junited2024 list with this great post: URL
How you structure your post is up to you. I will do this with a numbered list. Something like:
  1. Some post - I just read this great article about writing.
  2. Another one - This post by John Doe made my day.
  3. And another…
There you have it!

Contact Robert if you'd like to join in - on Mastodon, in his guestbook, or via email.

Participants (links coming June 1)