Living Out Loud

Questions I Ponder


I've read that some people don't have an inner dialog. There is no conversation going in every person's head. I don't know what that would be like, because the voices are always present in mine. I used to drive 30K-40K a year without listening to the radio, podcasts or audiobooks. I just thought about stuff, stuff like what you see below. If you read this, and it makes you think, feel free to share with me what the voices tell you.

  1. Why do men shave their face and why do (American) women shave their legs and armpits?
  2. Why do we put dead people in boxes and bury the in the ground and why do we embalm corpses?
  3. What makes people want to wear diamond encrusted gold on their bodies?
  4. What makes sense about ear piercing and why do conservatives approve of it for women but not men?
  5. Why are there so many kinds of laxatives?
  6. Professional Wrestling
  7. Why do people on TV and in movies drink straight liquor and never make a face? I drank enough rotgut whiskey to float a battleship and I ALWAYS made a face.
  8. Does the Christian's God like fancy, air-conditioned churches with sterling silver communion sets?
  9. For every plant that has been identified as poisonous, is there a corresponding dead person somewhere in history?
  10. What made someone, for the first time, pick a coffee berry, strip off the fruit, dry and roast the bean, grind it up, steep it in hot water, add sugar and milk and drink it?
  11. Why is it polite to excuse yourself after sneezing since you couldn't help it in the first place?
  12. Does all humor involve pain?