Living Out Loud

Supporting Something New


I'm pretty sure he has no idea, but Robb Knight is one of the main motivators that got me to take the plunge into blogging and participating in the whole IndieWeb scene. Late last year, I'd started to read a few blogs on RSS after opening NetNewsWire for the first time in years. Several of the writers from blogs I followed were participating in the Duel of the Defaults, listing their default apps for everything from email to grocery shopping. I read the lists with interest, discovered a few new tools and decided I really, really wanted to participate. Robb is a big advocate on so I paid my $20 to get a web presence there and decided I'd also give a chance. I posted my very own list of default apps, my first web creation in many, many years.

Since then I've become a daily poster on Mastodon, gotten a couple of domain names and started writing almost every day. I've continued to read other blogs (of course) and paid attention to the different things Robb's been up to. His latest project, launched today is Echofeed, a tool for cross-posting to various sites via RSS. It's got a free option for those who only have one feed, and a reasonable fee for the nuts who multiple blogs.  I'm proud to have signed up on Day One and I encourage my fellow IndieWeb inhabitants to join in one the fun.